What kind of investments will be promoted by the Regional Center?

Investments consist of secured loans to real estate development projects. Investments will be co-invested with experienced developers, and business operators.


How much do we invest plus fees?

The investment amount is USD $500,000 per family. Additional fees will be:

  • Regional center Expense Fee: $40,000 to $55,000 (In some cases this will include the immigration attorney fee);
  • Immigration attorney fees (if not included in the Regional Center fee);
  • The EB5 Visa filing fee, payable to the USCIS, is currently $1,500 per applicant family.


Is the investment guaranteed?

USCIS EB-5 regulations prohibit the guarantee of the return of your capital investment by any regional center or related investment fund. Any such explicit guarantee would invalidate your EB-5 visa petition.


When can I redeem my investment?

To ensure approval of the I-526 application it is favored by USCIS that your investment be legally structured to be “at risk” for at least five years. However, the investments may make distributions of profits and income during this time period. Once the conditions are removed via the I-829, investors can request to redeem the investment. Sponsored investments are structured to liquidate profitably in approximately 5 years.


What strategies are used to increase investor liquidity?

Investments in business loans and real estate projects are expected to be profitably liquidated, sold or refinanced within a 5 year horizon. Exits will mainly come from the principal payments due at the maturity of the loans.


What rate of return will I receive on my investment?

Investments will be structured to ensure the most secure investment possible. Generally, investments will be negotiated and structured to also incorporate reasonable exit strategies for investors to receive their capital back.


What information will I be required to provide to FLORIDA OVERSEAS in the Suitability Questionnaire?

The Suitability Questionnaire is designed to provide FLORIDA OVERSEAS and the Escrow Agent, with personal background and financial information which confirms:

That you appear to meet the eligibility requirements of the USCIS EB-5 visa program and you are in compliance with U.S. banking regulations and the Patriot Act.

That you have a sufficient source of legal assets and income to qualify as an “accredited investor” under U.S. securities laws (a net worth of at least US$1,000,000, or who expect annual income this year and had income over the past two years of at least US$200,000).


What is an “accredited investor”?

To qualify as an investor for Regional Center investments you must be an accredited investor. In the U.S. an individual is considered to be an accredited investor if he or she has a net worth of at least USD $1 million or has made at least $200,000 US dollars each year for the last two years ($300,000 with spouse if married) and has the expectation to make the same amount in the current year.


Where will the investments be located?

The investments will all be located within the State of Florida.


Where does my money go when I do invest in a FLORIDA OVERSEAS sponsored Fund?

When you sign the Subscription Agreement you will wire the amount of your investment plus the Administrative Fee, directly to our approved U.S. Federally Insured Bank, an independent Escrow Agent will hold 100% of your investment deposit of USD$500,000 until your initial EB-5 Visa petition (USCIS Form I-526) is approved.

After your I-526 is approved, your money will be released to the project.


What happens after FLORIDA OVERSEAS receives the Application & Questionnaire?

FLORIDA OVERSEAS’s will conduct a confidential investigation to verify the accuracy of the information you have given us, assuming everything is in order, the investment document package will be sent to you and your advisors.


Is my information kept confidential?

Yes. Investor data will be secured in numbered files with multiple layers of encryption to ensure integrity.


What investment offering documents will I receive?

Once your Suitability Questionnaire has been approved, FLORIDA OVERSEAS will send you a Subscription Package containing the following documents for you and your advisors to review:

  1. The Private Placement Memorandum describing the Investment and the currently targeted project investments
  2. The Subscription Agreement
  3. Limited Partnership Agreement
  4. Escrow Agreement and wire transfer instructions


What is the next step in obtaining an EB-5 Visa through FLORIDA OVERSEAS?

  1. Fill out the or Application & Suitability Questionnaire in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat required). Need Adobe Acrobat Reader? Download here
  2. Email the completed Application to FLORIDA OVERSEAS.
  3. Work with an experienced Immigration attorney — we can refer you to the best — to help you properly file your EB-5 Visa application (form I-526).
  4. Once notified of initial approval by FLORIDA OVERSEAS, you will receive and must review the investment offering documents, sign Subscription Documents and send your capital investment and the applicable Expense Fee to the Escrow Account.


What if I receive the investment offering documents and decide not to invest?

If you decide not to invest, we will ask that you return the offering documents.